What Is My Tumblr RSS Feed?

Tumblr is a blogging platform much like Blogger or WordPress, though it tends more toward facilitating microblogging than other platforms. Like other blogging platforms, Tumblr uses an RSS feed to export all your posts to an external feed reader, such as Google Reader or FeedDemon.

Tumblr RSS Feed

The link to your Tumblr RSS feed is often displayed somewhere on your theme, though this varies depending on what theme you have installed. The RSS link may be on your sidebar, at the top of your blog or in the footer. That said, your RSS feed link is easy to remember: username.tumblr.com/rss. If you're using a custom domain, the link will be www.domain.com/rss.

Redirecting to FeedBurner

If you want to track usage on your RSS feed, such as how many people subscribe and which posts are receiving more clicks, you can redirect your RSS feed to a custom Feedburner feed. To create a FeedBurner URL, go to feedburner.google.com and log in with your Google account. Enter the Tumblr RSS feed into the "Burn a feed" text box and click "Next;" set the feed title and URL. Once you have the feed URL, open Tumblr and click your username in the upper right corner to open your Tumblelog, also accessible at tumblr.com/tumblelog/username. Click the "Settings" button the sidebar, and then scroll down and select "Redirect this blog's RSS to a FeedBurner URL". Enter your FeedBurner URL and save the changes.

RSS Options

Open your Tumblr blog settings, also available at tumblr.com/tumblelog/username/settings. On this page you can toggle your FeedBurner settings and choose the option "Truncate RSS Feed," which shortens your posts when exported to a feed reader. This can help bring users to your page so that they can read the full content of your posts. You can also choose to share your posts on Facebook and Twitter on this page.

Alternative Following Options

Tumblr's "Follow" system is designed so that other Tumblr users can see your posts on their dashboard. Furthermore, when someone follows you on Tumblr they will be added to your list of followers, which gives you a simple way of seeing how many users your blog reaches. Other Tumblr users do not need to know your RSS feed in order to follow you, nor do they need an external reader.

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