The puggle puppy is a hybrid dog of a beagle mixed with a pug. Puggles were created during the 1980s when breeders in America began experimenting with dog crosses. It took a while for the puggle to gain popularity in America, but by 2005, through magazine articles and word of mouth, puggles were welcomed into the lives of many because of their personality and looks. However, as with any dog, there are pros and cons to owning a puggle.


Pro: Temperament

Puggles, in general, have a sociable temperament, and get along well with both other dogs and people. Puggles love to play and be close their owners, and will wag and prance when you return home. They also bond rather quickly, and take to cuddling.


Con: AKC Registration

Because puggles are a hybrid mix, they are not recognised by the American Kennel Club. Therefore, you will never be able to register a puggle. While this may not matter to some, keep in mind that puggles will never be show dogs, and cannot enter any official AKC competitions.


Pro: Training

Puggles are extremely intelligent, therefore they are easy to train. Most puggles are motivated by treats, so training becomes relatively simple once they realise they will be rewarded if they do what they are told. Puggles are also fond of performing and can learn agility tricks quite easily.


Con: Howling

Puggles have a tendency to howl on occasion when they are excited or scared. This can happen at anytime, day or night. Fortunately, the howling only happens on occasion, according to If you value your sleep and are awakened easily, this is a factor to consider before adopting a puggle.

  • Puggles have a tendency to howl on occasion when they are excited or scared.