What Do the Symbols on a Samsung Washer Detergent Dispenser Mean?

Samsung produces front loading and top loading washing machines with a variety of features, like multiple wash programs, ceramic heater, energy saving option, automatic drum cleaning, quick wash, and a drum with diamond-shaped depressions meant to reduce fabric damage and more gentle wash action. The washers also have an automatic detergent dispenser, and figuring out what the symbols on the dispenser means can be done fairly easily.

Washing Powder

Pull out the detergent dispenser and find the compartment marked with "II" for the washing powder. Pour in the recommended amount of high-efficiency (HE) washing powder into the compartment. A max line is indicated on the compartment to prevent overfilling.

Fabric Softener

Add fabric softener into the compartment marked with a flower icon. Note that the use of fabric softener is not required for washing and the fabric softener should be diluted with some water if it is very thick. This will help prevent the dispenser from becoming clogged. Fill the dispenser to the max indicator line with the fabric softener, once it is diluted with water.

Pre Wash Detergent

The pre-wash detergent compartment is marked with "I" and can be used for stain treatment or other pre-wash detergents, which are used primarily for stain removal. Again, fill the compartment only to the max line and do not overfill the drawer to help prevent clogs or problems with detergent dispensing.


Note that there is no drawer in the detergent dispenser for bleach. If you desire to use bleach with the washer, add colour-safe or chlorine bleach directly into the wash tub before using the washing machine. Do not pour bleach into the detergent dispenser, as it may cause damage to the machine or the fabric items being washed.

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