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Selling greeting cards in your retail store is a sure-fire way to make extra money throughout the year. The trick is to properly display the cards. Customers looking at the cards should quickly and easily see the outside and read the inside message with minimum hassle. Creative retail card display ideas give you ways to display the cards around your store and attract more attention from shoppers.

Rotating Racks

Rotating racks are metal racks that swivel in a complete circle, giving shoppers access to dozens of greeting cards at one time. Smaller racks are perfect for sitting on a table, while taller racks are designed to sit directly on the ground. When you use the taller racks, make sure that you rotate your stock regularly: moving cards from the bottom to the top shelves and moving cards on the top to the bottom. Not all customers will lean over or bend down to reach the cards located on the bottom shelves.

Hanging Racks

Hanging racks provide a simple way to display cards around your store. The racks hang directly on your store walls with included screws or hardware. The metal racks feature decorative scrolls and other decorative elements. For holiday cards, opt for hanging racks shaped like Christmas trees and other holiday items. The cards slip into holders on the racks, letting customer see the outside and open the inside to read the cards. You can even sell boxed greeting cards in this way, offering one of each set on the rack, with the boxed sets underneath.

Card Carousel

A card carousel is a small plastic display piece that contains plastic sleeves set on a rotating base. You slide the cards into the plastic sleeves, giving customers a glimpse at the outside of each card. The display rack swivels, giving shoppers full access to the cards in the rack. The smaller size of the card carousel lets you display cards near the cash register or on a table in the store.

Twine Displays

Display cards around your retail store by hanging the cards from the ceiling or walls. Use a hammer to gently pound two nails or hooks into the wall. Wrap the twine around the nails, making sure that it is securely in place. Hang the cards from the twine, using a clothespin or paper clip to display each one. Place the clothespin through the inside of the card so that customers can open each one.

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