Types of Varifocal Lenses

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Varifocal eyeglass lenses are made with progressive viewing areas that allow you to see clearly at all distances from near to far without the visible lines often seen in bifocal eyeglass lenses. There are several types of Varifocal lenses, including contact lenses.

Varifocal vs Bifocal

If you need correction for presbyopia, age-related diminished distance vision, Varifocal lenses provide a smooth transition through multiple prescriptions from close-up or reading vision to intermediate and distance vision. Unlike bifocals, this multi-focal lens incorporates an additional viewing area that includes the intermediate range. Varifocal lenses are available in three different types, standard, premium and bespoke.

Standard Varifocal Lens

The standard Varifocal lens comes in three levels of thinness, with refractive index of 1.5, 1.6 and 1.67, giving wearers the opportunity to select all frame types including the thinner metal frames. The standard Varifocal is also available in Transitions and Polarised lenses. Photochromic technology allows Transitions lenses to use the power of the sun to increase the darkness of the lenses as they adapt to changing light. Polarised lenses contain a special filter to reduce reflected glare.

Premium Varifocal Lens

The premium Varifocal lens offers extra visual enhancements, such as a wider range of vision and additional lens materials for thinner and lighter lenses. The premium lens is available in sunglasses and Drivewear and offers you the option of adding antiglare coating.

Bespoke Varifocal Lens

The bespoke Varifocal lens places the Varifocal area on the back or inside surface of the lens, bringing the viewing areas closer to your eyes. The Varifocal area on the standard Varifocal lens is located on the front. Moving its location to the back of the lens on the bespoke Varifocal increases the viewing area. Unlike the standard construction of other eyeglass lenses, the bespoke Varifocal lens is individually constructed to increase its performance. This lens offers the widest range of enhancements in materials and antiglare coatings.

Varifocal Contact Lenses

Like the eyeglasses, Varifocal contacts are progressive lenses. The progressive Varifocal contact lenses are aspheric multifocal contacts. They have several blended power ranges in multiple rings. Your eyes adapt to the different ranges and move to the correct power range as needed. Varifocal contact lenses work best for people with naturally moist eyes, according to One Stop Contact Lenses.

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