ECS MCP61SM-AM V.1.0A OEM Motherboard Specs

The ECS MCP61SM-AM motherboard supports AMD processors thanks to its AM2 socket. Featuring an Nvidia GeForce 6100S chipset, it includes on-board graphics functionality as well as a great deal of connectivity, thanks to its multiple slots, drive connectors and memory expansion slots.

Its industry standard MicroATX form factor allows it to fit in just about any computer case, including relatively small ones for applications such as a home theatre.

CPU and Chipset

The MCP61's AM2 socket allows it to work with a range of AMD processors. Supported chips include the Athlon 64 FX on the high end to Sempron chips on the low end, with transfer rates between 400 and 2000 mega-transfers per second. Graphics are handled by its on-board Nvidia GeForce 6100 GS graphics accelerator, which processes both 2D and 3D images and can share up to 256 MB of the system's memory

Memory Support

ECS builds the MCP61SM-AM V.1.0A with four memory slots. Each slot accepts 240-pin DIMM modules containing DDR2 memory chips. Its clock supports memory with speeds of 400, 533, 667 or 800MHz.

Drive Connectors

The motherboard features two internal Serial ATA connectors for hard disk drives or optical drives. In addition, it features two legacy Parallel ATA connectors that accept Ultra DMA133/100/66 ribbon connections. The legacy connections support hard drives, optical drives or even floppy disk connections.

Expansion Slots

The ECS MCP61SM-AM V.1.0A features four internal memory slots. The fastest is a single PCI Express x16 slot that can also connect at PCI Express x8 speed. It also has a single PCI Express x1 slot and two standard PCI slots for expansion cards.

Back Panel Ports

ECS mixes current and legacy technology effectively on the back panel of the MCP61SM-AM V.1.0A motherboard. Legacy ports include dual PS/2 ports for a keyboard and mouse and a COM1 serial port. It also features four USB 2.0 ports, each supporting connections as fast as 480 megabits per second. Its back panel is rounded out with a VGA video port, RJ-45 Ethernet port for its gigabit Ethernet controller and a set of audio input and output jacks for its eight-channel surround sound audio system.