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Cheats for the "GTA 4" Patriot

Updated February 21, 2017

"Grand Theft Auto: IV" (GTA: IV) takes players of an adventure of mayhem and mischief as they steal cars and kill gangsters. As the title suggests, stealing cars serves as a focus of the game. One of the car models, the Patriot, is particularly desirable due to its durable nature.

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The Patriot, one the vehicles in GTA IV, is a four-door SUV vehicles that resembles the Hummer in its appearance. The vehicle is a four-wheel drive truck that handles well off-road and can be found in both military and civilian areas. The cars top speed is moderate but it can withstand a great deal of crashing before it catches on fire. The NOOSE Patriot is the police version of the Patriot and appears when your wanted level increases to three stars.

Deconstruction for Beginners Cheat

The Deconstruction for Beginners cheat allows you to obtain a yellow Patriot. Visit Playboy X's penthouse for the first time and park your car anywhere except for the safe house parking spot. Start the mission, Deconstruction for Beginners, by entering the penthouse and talking to Playboy X. Return to the car park and enter the yellow Patriot parked in the safe house parking spot. Stay in the car during the mission to retain control of the yellow Patriot.

Tunnel of Death Mission

During the Tunnel of Death mission, keep a close eye on the convoy of cars. When you see the NOOSE Patriot in the convoy, exit your car and enter the NOOSE Patriot. Though you can use this vehicle until you destroy it, taking it forces you to fail the mission.

Castle Gardens

Visit Castle Gardens, the neighbourhood at the southern end of the island. Drive to Stevie's Car Thefts and talk to Stevie. Complete his thefts until he asks you to steal a Patriot. Drive around Castle Gardens until you locate the Patriot, decorated with an American flag. Keep the car for yourself by driving it to your personal garage. Alternatively, return it to Stevie for a cash reward.

Helpful Cheat Codes

Though there are no specific cheat codes for the Patriot, many codes help in your quest to obtain to Patriot. Enter cheat codes by grabbing your cell phone then pressing the Up arrow. Enter the code "362-555-0100" to return your health to 100 per cent. Decrease your wanted level by entering the code "267-555-0100." Add armour to your character by entering the code "362-555-0100."

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