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A List of Droopy Eared Dogs

Updated April 17, 2017

Almost all droopy-eared dogs have loving personalities and are useful in protecting their home territories and masters. They are good with children and enjoy romping and playing. Several of them are known for rescuing persons in distress. Most of the other droopy-eared dogs romp at hunting rabbits and foxes or retrieving birds in lakes and swamps.

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Beagles and Foxhounds

Beagles and foxhounds are an older breed native to Great Britain. Sportsmen used beagles for rabbit hunting during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. A pack of barking, running beagles or foxhounds with their long ears flying are a familiar site during hunts. At dog shows, their big soft brown eyes with that pleading look are what the judges look for. Their hunting instincts are strong and they enjoy running through the fields.


Even though Bedlington terriers have a sheepish look, they are brave and somewhat aggressive. However, their aggression is usually directed toward rats and rodents. They are not afraid of any other animal. The Bedlington is not as well known in the United States as it is in England. Their body colours range from a bluish grey to brown or tan. The Sealyham terrier is very in size to the Bedlington but more like a Scottish terrier. The Bedlington and the Sealyham Terriers are friendly, eager animals.

Bull Mastiffs

The British used bull mastiffs to guard the hunting fields from poachers. They were actually bred from the old English mastiffs that fought in the gladiatorial rings of the Romans. The mastiff is the pure breed, and the bull mastiff did not begin in the dog shows until the 1940s. It is a gentle pet regardless of its history of fighting and its large size. Their average weight is about 45.4 Kilogram.


Cocker spaniels have a sweet disposition and it shows when you see their large brown eyes and droopy ears. Their silky hair is feathery soft, making it a handsome pet to behold. They are good with children and are alert watchdogs. They quickly recognise a stranger. The English Springer spaniel is slightly larger than the Cocker spaniel and its coat is usually white with spots and black or brown long droopy ears. The Irish Water Spaniel's coat is nearly water proof. Hunters use it in hunting for the retrieval of birds.


The Dalmatian is first recognised by the black and brown spots on its white coat. It’s sometimes called the “Fire Brigade Dog” for its popularity as a mascot. Hundreds of years ago they were used for hunting in Dalmatia, Austria. They are strong, muscular dogs that make great pets and can also be watchdogs. You can still find Dalmatians in firehouses or riding in a fire truck. Children relate well to Dalmatians because of their use in children’s movies


Dachshunds are a combination of the better qualities of the hound and the terrier. In past years spotsmen used them for hunting badgers and rabbits. They have mainly become house pets and are no longer used for hunting. There are three different types of dachshunds: long, short and wire-haired. The short-haired dachshunds coat does not emit a wet dog odour you will find in many other breeds. This makes them companiable house pets. The dachshund is sometimes called a “hot dog” because of the long, thin body.


The English Setter is typically called a bird dog. They are very similar to the pointer dog in that they stand rigid and point to the bird on the ground. Their silky coat and fine stature make them stand out in field trials at dog shows. The English Setter's coat is mostly white with black, orange or tan spots. Irish Setters have a long, silky coat reddish brown in colour. They are also trained as bird dogs. The five breeds of setters are the English, Gordon, Irish, Welsh and the Russian. All breeds of setters can be trained for hunting.


The poodle is an intelligent animal and a fast learner, which is why tvcircuses use them in their acts. When the poodle was used as game retriever, it’s hair became wet and slowed it down in the water so ownersd trimmed its hair to make it lighter. The result is the way we see poodles trimmed today with their furry puffs in certain areas to protect the bones. The standard-size poodle is the largest. Miniature poodles are a medium sized dog and the smallest is the toy poodle.


The Old English sheepdog has long shaggy hair. Its coat is nearly waterproof and this breed is useful in managing a flock of sheep. If it weren’t for their white coat with tan markings they might be mistaken for a bear. This breed is known for providing long-tailed; short-tailed and no-tail puppies -- all in the same litter.

Newfoundland's and St. Bernard's

The Newfoundland’s are strong swimmers and have been known to rescue someone who is drowning even though their average weight is around 68 Kilogram. They are good watchdogs andfaithful companions. Their coats are usually black. The St. Bernard's have a friendly, dependable personality and are devoted to protecting their environment. They truly love children and are also rescuers. One type of St. Bernard has a smooth coat, and the other has longer, rougher hair. Most weigh slightly more than the Newfoundland dog.

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About the Author

Gracie Sprouse has been writing professionally since 1976. Her areas of expertise are in antiques, crafts, real estate, income taxes and small businesses. Her education consists of an Associate of Applied Science with a business and accounting major from Piedmont Virginia Community College.

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