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Countdown ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Are you planning a vacation, looking forward to Christmas, graduating, waiting for retirement, expecting a baby or getting married soon? You can build excitement for the big event with a creative countdown. The fun starts once you start the countdown and becomes more intense as the target date approaches.

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Christmas Stocking Countdown

To help kids count down to Christmas, create a garland of 25 colourful socks. Attach the socks to a wire with small clothes pins numbered 1 to 25. Insert a small note or treat into each sock. The notes can be a ticket for a day of no chores or a movie pass. Candy, coins, gift cards, ornaments and other small gifts can be placed in the socks. Beginning December 1, remove one sock each day and enjoy the treat inside. Christmas will be here when all the socks are gone.

Countdown Clock

Put a countdown clock on your desk to tell you exactly how long until the big day will be here. Program a countdown clock with the date of your event. The days, hours, minutes and seconds left will be displayed continuously.

Paper Chain Countdown

Make a paper chain to count down to your event. Each link represents a day. Write a note inside each link to help you prepare for the event. If you are counting down to vacation, your notes might say "get out suit case," "try on swimming costume," "listen to tropical music" or "buy new sunglasses." If you are counting down to your wedding day, "take a bubble bath,' "get manicure" or "kiss my fiancé" would be appropriate notes in your chain. Remove one link a day until the big day.

Online Countdown Calendar

Download a countdown calendar. Countdown calendars can be displayed on your desktop or web pages or attached to e-mails. Calendars can be created with custom backgrounds and formats related to your special event. There may be a fee to download some calendar software programs.

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