Fun Ideas for a 22nd Birthday

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After the "coming of age" milestone of a 21st birthday, a 22nd birthday celebration can seem a little anticlimactic, but with the right planning and a little insight into the birthday boy or girl you can make this celebration almost as memorable as the last.

Go for the Big Experience

It's likely that the birthday celebrant has interests that you know about, and there is no shortage of companies who can translate those interests into practical experiences. From bungee jumping to flying an aeroplane, diving or driving a racing car, you can buy her a birthday experience which will last a day but whose memories will last a lifetime. Consider what's really important to the celebrant and see if you can find an experience which closely matches it.

Arrange a "Come as You're Caught" Party

A come as you're caught party is a nice twist on a fancy dress party. You simply announce your party, hand out the invitations and then spend the time leading up to the party trying to take photos of your guests in clothing they wouldn't normally wear to a party. Once you've caught them you take a photograph of them on your cell phone and that's the outfit they have to wear. Successful party throwers have caught guests in bathrobes, bikinis, uniforms, bed sheets and wedding dresses. Try and catch each guest in an outfit which will make the other guests laugh, but remember that the point of the party is to have a good time, so never make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Celebrate on the Water

If you live within reach of the sea, lake or any suitable body of water there will be opportunities for hiring a boat so that you can enjoy your 22nd birthday on the waves. From a 200-guest party boat on the Thames in London to a houseboat on Lake Havasu it's possible to frolic in the water while you celebrate your big day. Work out your budget, how many guests you want and how long you'd like to party and then pick the best option from the thousands of companies on the Internet.

Stay Local but Go Far

You don't have to travel to the other side of the world to have a relaxing holiday, so why not plan a miniature vacation? Work out how far you're willing to drive, how much you're willing to spend on accommodation and food and then plan your mini vacation around your budget. If times are tight, rather than booking a hotel room take your tent. You can spend a relaxing night in a strange bed and then fish, hike and cycle to your heart's content.

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