Wild flower seed mats

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Black-Eyed Susan, Painted Daisy, Annual Baby's Breath and Scarlet Flax are all eye-catching wildflowers that add colour and interest to the outdoor landscape. Gardeners who are unsure of which wild flower species to combine to create an attractive wild flower patch sometimes turn to wild flower seed mats that take the guesswork out of choosing a garden theme.


Wild flower seed mats are made of earth-friendly and biodegradable paper or fabric. The seed mats are self-contained, requiring little more than a location to unroll the mat. The wild flower seed mats are pre-sewn, meaning that the seeds are already set within the layers of paper or fabric and ready for immediate planting. The concept is not limited to wild flower seeds. Vegetable, herb and a variety of annual and perennial flowers are also available in mats.


Planting wild flower seed mats has its perks. There is no need to worry about spacing, planting depth, thinning or seeds washing away during a heavy rainfall when working with seed mats. Commercially sowed wild flower seed mats contain a predetermined amount of seeds that germinate and grow in a thematic pattern of colours and heights. Sold as one-size-fits-all, trimming the wild flower seed mat with a sharp pair of scissors creates a custom fit for the intended planting area.


Wild flower require at least six to eight hours of full sun and loose soil. Break up the soil with a pitchfork to a 4-inch depth before laying down the seed mat. Adding several inches of compost to the soil will help loosen dense, clay mediums. Once the soil is ready, the wild flower seed mat lies flatly over the broken soil in a single layer. A layer of 1/8-inch soil spread over top will protect the seed mat from predators. Watering lightly whenever the soil on top of the seed mat begins to dry out will keep the seeds moist during germination.


Theme selection is sometimes limited when it comes to commercial seed mats. If you cannot find a wild flower theme that fits your taste, you can make your own. Simply open up a paper napkin and lay it on a solid work surface. Check the back of the wild flower seed packet for spacing and lay the seeds on the napkin accordingly. Attach the spaced seeds to the napkin with water-soluble glue. The wild flower seed mats are ready for planting once the glue dries.

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