Substitutes for White Chocolate Almond Bark

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White chocolate is creamy with less of a pronounced chocolate taste than milk or semi-sweet chocolate. It has less cocoa butter as well. If the label says "white almond bark" it may be white candy coating that is chocolate-flavoured rather than white chocolate.

If you require white chocolate almond bark and it's not available, other substitutes will work.

Other Chocolate Barks

Almond bark isn't the only white chocolate bark available. Use another kind, such as cranberry bark or pecan bark. If the white colour of the bark isn't critical, use a milk chocolate or dark chocolate bark.


An alternative for the bark is combining almonds with white chocolate chips. If what you need is the crunch from the nuts, substitute walnuts or macadamia nuts. Both have a smooth, rich taste. Another alternative is a granola made with almonds. Substitute nut butters, such as hazelnut, cashew or even peanut butter. The strong taste of the peanut butter will be noticeable.

White Chocolate Chips or Bars

Substitute white chocolate chips or candy bars for the bark. White chocolate has a lower melting and tempering point than milk or dark chocolate. When melting the white chocolate, do so at lower temperatures stirring often.


Extracts are flavour essences captured and stabilised in alcohol. Vanilla extract is probably the most familiar. Substitute almond extract or cherry for the almond flavour and chocolate extract for the white chocolate flavour of the bark. Almonds have a flavour reminiscent of cherries, especially the scent.

Candy Coating and Other Chips

Candy coating is white, has a creamy consistency and melts. However, candy coating may or may not have any chocolate taste. It won't have any cocoa butter. Substitute other types of candy chips for the white chocolate bar if you're melting it. Butterscotch, peanut butter and peppermint chips are readily available. They won't have the white chocolate flavour but they will melt in a similar fashion.

White Yogurt Coating

White yoghurt coating has a tangy flavour and a smooth texture. It's used commercially to coat dried fruits, such as raisins and cranberries or fruit centres for candy. White yoghurt is available as disks, chips and bars.