The Advantages of Sports Sponsorships on Football

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At any level of football, sponsorships provide a valuable source of revenue. At the youth level, sponsors can help football teams get equipment or funds for travel. At the college and professional level, sponsors get some form of recognition for providing financial help to the team. The advantages to sponsorships in football stretch beyond money and include a relationship between both partners in the deal.

Helping Provide Equipment and Uniforms

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Businesses may sponsor youth league teams and provide money for necessary equipment. In addition, sponsors may buy uniforms for these teams. In exchange, the sponsor places the name of its business on the back of the jersey. At higher levels of football, high-profile apparel companies design team-specific uniforms and cleats. For example, Nike sponsors the University of Oregon football team. The brand creates the team's uniforms, and Oregon players also receive some of the best equipment.

Performance Enhancement

Some sponsors push products that can help your football team perform better. Receiving sponsorship from a sports drink or energy bar company gives players on the team access to beneficial hydration and health products. A physiotherapy or rehab clinic may also choose to sponsor a football team. In exchange for some advertising, players on the team get treatment and health care at a discounted rate.

Fan Giveaways

One way to increase attendance and revenue is to have a sponsor participate in fan giveaways. This can range from a memorabilia company handing out football bobblehead dolls to a pizza company offering free food to certain attendees. Giveaways get fans excited about attending games, creating a better home field environment and more revenue for the expenses of the team.

Community Connection

Sports sponsorships in football involve two entities in a community forming a working relationship. This bond creates a sense of connection between the football team and the city or town in which they play. Fans feel more connected to the team when they see local businesses wanting to be a part of the team. Additionally, companies that support the local team are generally viewed positively and can get extra customers.

Benefits to Sponsor

The benefits of football sponsorships are immense for the business involved. In addition to forming a bond with the community's team, the sponsor gets the word out about its business or product. Sponsors can sometimes reach an audience they may not have access to without football.

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