Ideas for Window Dressings

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Adding window treatments or a window dressing to your home gives the space an instant update. Window dressings may include curtains or drapes, swags and other treatments designed to fit the size of the window. The treatment gives the windows some style while also working with the other elements of the room. Window dressing ideas provide simple ways to dress up the windows in your home.


Window dressing ideas include several types of window treatments, such as curtains or drapes. The curtains are typically the first part of the decoration because they cover the windows completely, blocking out the sun when needed. Other elements fit over the curtains, giving the window a slightly more stylish look. A padded pelmet is one option. The padded pelmet fits directly over the top of the window, running the length of the space. It's typically patterned and contains fabric stretched over a padded box or rectangle. You also have the option of adding a valance or swag, which are essentially just fabric draped and wrapped around a curtain rod and added to the window.


Give the window dressing some extra style and pizazz with the addition of decorative accessories. Use ribbons or small fabric pieces, and wrap one around each curtain, using it as a curtain tieback. Opt for a colour that matches or complements the fabric used in the curtains. You should also look for a decorative curtain rod, which keeps the curtains properly hung above the window. Curtain rods are often made of wood or metal. You can even make your own curtain rod by picking a dried branch from your yard and hanging it above the window.

Colour Choices

Colour plays a big impact in the overall look of your window dressing. Choose similar colours for a monochromatic look, such as different shades of light blue mixed together. If you choose a pattern in the window treatment, pick just one patterned piece and use complementary colours around the window. For example, choose patterned curtains mixed with solid tiebacks and a solid swag.

Measure Twice

Always measure the size of the window, both width and length, before buying your curtains. The curtains should run the length of the window if not more. The size often relates to the location of the window in your home. For smaller kitchen windows, opt for curtains that reach the bottom of the window. For larger living room windows, pick curtains that reach almost to the floor.

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