The Average Cost for Wedding Centerpieces

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Floral arrangements are a staple of typical wedding decor and they are commonly used as centrepieces during wedding receptions. There are a variety of types of tables found at wedding receptions that can be enhanced through a floral arrangement. Although prices vary depending on the type of flowers used and the scale of the arrangement, use a generic price range to help reign in your spending.

Guest Tables

According to and, the average centrepiece for a guest table at a wedding reception will run anywhere from £26 to £113. Where your particular centrepiece falls will depend on a variety of factors. Choosing flowers that are in season and native to your area will help cut down on costs, as with any arrangement. The size of the arrangement will also have an impact. Smaller arrangements tend to be at the lower end of the price scale while taller and fuller arrangements at the higher end. A tall arrangement must be crafted with additional care since it will have to be high enough that it does not block the view of the guests at the table.

Head Table

The head table, according to, can cost in the range of £32 at the low end to £260 at the high end. The reason for the higher range than the guest tables is that the head table, or sweetheart table arrangement will typically be more dramatic than that of the other centrepieces. The flowers help mark that particular table as special, with more elaborate arrangements.

Buffet and Cocktail Tables

Buffet and cocktail tables can also benefit from a centrepiece. A buffet table may require several, as it may be much longer than the cocktail table. The range, according to, is from £16 to £487. The large gap between the low end of the pricing to the high is due to the varying sizes of the tables and the arrangements necessary to fill the space. Since these tables are not the focus of the room, bridal couples can opt to use simpler arrangements and less expensive flowers.

Speciality Tables

A speciality table, such as the wedding cake table, place card table or the gift table, can be enhanced by a floral centrepiece. This will help draw attention to the table and its contents. The average cost, per, is £45 for a speciality table. Since these arrangements serve as a complement to the cake, card basket or place cards, it can be a much more subtle centrepiece. The centrepiece on these tables is merely an accent to the main function of the table

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