No Power on a Hotpoint Dishwasher

Hotpoint is a brand of appliances sold by GE. As of 2011, GE only offers built-in dishwashers with three or four program settings under the Hotpoint brand. If your dishwasher is not turning on, troubleshoot and fix these problems to avoid expensive repair fees. Always unplug your Hotpoint dishwasher before attempting any internal repairs.


If your Hotpoint dishwasher won't start, see if the power cord is plugged into an outlet and that the dishwasher is turned on. Verify that the outlet is live by testing it with another appliance, like a lamp. Check other appliances in the house, and see if the power is off. Contact your electric company. Examine your home fuses, and change out any that are blown. Turn back on the circuit breaker if tripped.

Water Supply

Your dishwasher won't start running if the water supply is too low or nonexistent. Verify that the water supply valve is turned on, and clean the filters if clogged. Replace the water inlet valve if it won't turn on or is leaking. Check the water inlet hose, and see if it's kinked. Straighten the hose, or clean it if it has debris or limescale build-up inside. Check your water pressure. Attach a water pressure gauge to the hose, and see if it's at least 30 psi. Turn off water in other parts of the home if too low, or wait for the water pressure to return to normal.


Your Hotpoint dishwasher won't run if the door is open. Completely close the door. If the door is not latching properly, level the unit and tighten the door latch, if loose. Examine the door latch. If it's corroded or burnt out, you need a new one. Clean the door gaskets if dirty. If the gaskets are brittle or torn, replace them. If you open the door mid-cycle, you must reclose it and then press the "Start/Resume" button to restart the cycle.


A defective door switch causes the dishwasher to shut off mid-cycle or not start at all. Open the main housing, and examine the door switch. The door switch has plastic housing on one end and four wires. If any of the connections are loose, corroded or broken, get a new door switch. You usually must buy this part from the manufacturer or a third-party, authorised parts dealer. Check the wiring, and change out any wires that are broken or burnt out.

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