List of French Craft Ideas for Children

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French craft ideas for children are hands-on extension activities when studying the county and culture of France. Students discover how people live, work and play in France through themed creative activities and crafts. Common classroom craft supplies and printed templates encourage discussion about French people and their history. While completing a learning unit about France, allow the children to taste or make traditional French cuisine after completing academic and craft projects.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Make puzzles from photos or computer printouts of famous French landmarks. Graphics software programs typically have a jigsaw puzzle feature where you can overlay a puzzle template over the chosen image. You should use cardstock paper to print the puzzle for added durability. You can also use the classroom overhead projector to make an extra-large or floor size puzzle on poster board or butcher paper. You will need trace an image onto the paper and then draw a puzzle template on top of the image. Image suggestions include Bastille Day graphics and the Eiffel Tower.

Literary Craft Projects

After reading a children's book about France or written by a French author, make hand puppets so the children can act out the scenes. "Little Red Riding Hood" and the "Tale of Ibex the Wild Goat" are typical examples of classic children's tale with a French connection. You can also print faces and body parts graphics of the characters and make toilet paper roll crafts or puppets as literary extension activities.

Shoebox Dioramas

Allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of the landmarks, history and regions of France with themed dioramas. Children can use common craft supplies and shoe boxes to build a miniature model of a specific French topic. Children could make dioramas to represent the different biomes found in the country and make or colour images representing native plants, wildlife and aquatic life.

French Alphabet Booklet

A French alphabet book teaches simple words and phonics relating to the French language. Each letter should have a page with an image to colour next to the letter it represents. Each page should also contain at least one word and the phonetic spelling. Print a French-themed colouring page onto cardstock paper to serve as a front and back cover. The booklet can be stapled together or hole-punched and tied together with yarn.

French Flag Projects

French flag crafts can include using a straw as a flagpole and mounting it into a mound of clay as a holder, Children and cut a rectangle from white paper or fabric to decorate. A piece of poster board could also be used to create a 3D flag craft project. Children could use blue, red and white mosaic tiles or tissue paper to decorate their flag.

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