How Big Is a Shower Curtain?

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Most shower curtains come in one standard size that fits across the length of a standard bathtub. However, you may find that you need an atypical size. For example, if you have a shower stall, a standard curtain will be too wide. If you have a claw-foot tub that needs a shower curtain to encircle it, a standard curtain is not wide enough. Luckily, shower curtains come in a wide variety of sizes.

Standard Size

The size of a standard shower curtain is approximately 72 by 72 inches, which easily accommodates most standard-sized bathtubs. Some manufacturers use a template that's 70 by 70 inches, which also fits most bathtubs. When pulled closed, these curtains will have some slack, but for the most part the fabric will be pulled straight and taught. If you desire a gathered look, purchase a wider shower curtain.

Stall Size

Shower stalls are not nearly as wide as bathtubs and, therefore, require a shower curtain that is narrower than a standard curtain. Many shower stall curtains measure 54 by 78 inches. However, sometimes you'll find curtains that are 36 by 72 or 42 by 72 inches. Because these curtains are available in a variety of sizes, measure your shower stall and confirm the curtain size before making a purchase.

Extra Long

When increasing the length of shower curtains, manufacturers generally add length in 12-inch increments. Extra long shower curtains are available most often in 72 by 96 or 72 by 108-inch sizes. Extra long shower curtains are not always easy to find in stores. You may need to go to a speciality bed and bath store, special order one or purchase one online.

Extra Wide

Extra wide curtains usually are meant for the type of shower rods that hang from the ceiling above a bathtub. The rod forms an oval about the size of the tub, and enables the homeowner to enclose the tub completely with the shower curtain. These curtains often are sized at 108 by 72, 110 by 72 or 164 by 72 inches. Like extra long shower curtains, they may not be readily available at standard retailers.

Custom Shower Curtains

If none of the ready-made sizes fits your shower, you can have a shower curtain custom made. In this case there are virtually no size limitations. The shower curtain is cut and sewn exactly to your specifications. If you are not handy with a sewing machine, calling a custom decorator or finding a custom shower curtain manufacturer online probably are your best sources.

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