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Poly blend grout colors

Updated October 24, 2018

The Polyblend brand of grout encompasses numerous grout types, including sanded grout, nonsanded grout, epoxy grout and speciality products such as Grout Renew and ceramic tile caulk. No matter how diverse the blend is, all Polyblend grouts come in a selection of 48 different colours. Most retailers offer colour cards, which make looking at your grout and tile colour side by side easier. Polyblend's colour choices may vary over time as the company's products evolve.

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Neutral Colors

The majority of Polyblend grout colours fall in the neutral colour category, which encompasses white, grey, brown and beige hues. Colour #381, Bright White, offers the purest white in the line-up while White Dove and Snow White tone down the brightness a bit. Alabaster, Oyster Gray and Platinum offer light grey shades while Delorean Gray, Winter Gray, Chateau and Urban Putty present dark grey hues. Polyblend manufactures a vast variety of brown shades, including the pale tan Butter Cream, light brown Sahara Tan and Summer Wheat and dark brown Earth and Tobacco Brown colours.

Warm Colors

Most of Polyblend's warm-hued grouts have an earthy tone, favouring ruddy natural hues over bold primary colours. Homeowners who prefer a little heat in their grout can select from Polyblend's pale pink Canvas -- colour number #365 -- or go deeper red with Burnt Clay or Camel. Quarry Red Clay and Nutmeg offer deep brownish-maroon shades while Rose Beige, #390, presents the purest pink option in Polyblend's grout selection.

Cool Colors

The cool colours in Polyblend's grout family start out with subtly blue-hued greys, such as the pale blue Arctic Ice and Slate Gray. Ocean Blue, colour choice #90, presents perhaps the most bold colour of Polyblend's line-up, offering a primary blue shade that is just slightly desaturated. The company's cool colour grouts even include a few shades with a hint of green, such as Moss, Bay Leaf, Bonsai and the deep grey-green Onyx Green.

Colour Variations

Polyblend warns that colour variations may occur when using this brand of grout. Tile types, tile porosity, conditions at the job site, application method and cleaning techniques can all affect the appearance of Polyblend grout. The manufacturer recommends using as little water as possible for cleaning and maintaining your grout to avoid colour variation.

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