Duracell Battery Types

Duracell manufactures many different types of battery, and it can be difficult to know which type is best for your device. Duracell makes CopperTop, PowerPix, Ultra Advanced, Rechargeable and many other different types of battery, such as car and watch batteries. Batteries come in a variety of different sizes, such as AA and AAA. Finding out a bit about the different types of battery produced by Duracell can give you a clear picture of which battery is best for your needs.

General Batteries

Duracell have several different types of ordinary batteries available on their website. Duracell's CopperTop batteries are suitable for most household devices, such as remote controls, flashlights, clocks and toys. CopperTop batteries are alkaline-based, and come in AA, AAA, C, D and 9V sizes.

For devices that use more power, Ultra Advanced batteries with Power Check may be more suitable. These can last for 30 per cent longer than ordinary batteries, according to Duracell, and are available in AA and AAA sizes. However, a CNET review showed that Duracell Ultra Advanced batteries last five hours and eight minutes in a flashlight, compared to five hours and 38 minutes provided by an ordinary Energizer battery.

The Power Check function allows you to see how much power is left in your batteries. For cameras, Duracell have developed PowerPix batteries, which are designed to work more efficiently with digital cameras, which generally use a lot of power. You can also buy rechargeable batteries, which can be replenished after the power has been used. Duracell produces both ordinary rechargeable batteries and pre-charged ones. Rechargeable and PowerPix batteries can be bought in either AA or AAA sizes.

Other Batteries

Some devices do not take common battery types, so Duracell produces many different shapes and sizes of battery. Watch batteries are one other type of battery produced by Duracell. Watch batteries are made from silver oxide and are small, flat and circular. Other devices, such as calculators and toys may require alkaline or lithium button batteries. Duracell also produces batteries for medical devices such as glucose meters and blood pressure monitors. Some digital cameras take non-standard batteries, and Duracell also makes batteries in these sizes.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Duracell has developed the EasyTab battery for use in hearing aids. As the name suggests, the battery is a tab in shape, and is designed to be inserted easily into a hearing aid. Several different sizes can be bought, and these work on a colour-coded system for ease of use. The Arthritis Foundation has given Duracell's EasyTab battery an "Ease of Use" commendation.

Automotive Batteries

Duracell also produces batteries for cars, RVs and boats. Car batteries are required to start the engine, and can be drained accidentally if you leave lights or the radio on in your vehicle. EHP Advanced Generation batteries are suited for use in extremely hot or cold temperatures. Duracell also make AGM Extreme Power and AGM Marine and RV batteries.

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