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Young Single Adult Activities for LDS

Updated July 20, 2017

Young Single Adults (YSA) are unmarried members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who fall between the ages of 18 to 30. YSA activities encourage friendship, fellowship, dating and wholesome fun for those who participate. Many wards and stakes allocate a lot of their budget to YSA activities to maximise fun times together.

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Progressive Dinner

A progressive dinner is a disguised version of speed-dating. That is, during each course of a five-course meal, every person must sit with a new person of the opposite gender. Initially assigning numbers to participants makes this process much easier and keeps people from being left out (ie, after each course, announce that the male must find the girl whose number is two digits more than the previous girl.) Each course lasts from ten to fifteen minutes. Provide activities or conversation prompts at the table to keep conversations from running dry or awkward. For example, you could cover the dinner tables with paper and have a bunch of crayons and markers lying around to draw with.

Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner is an American pastime and makes for a fun cultural YSA activity for participants both in the United States and abroad. A week or so before the activity, pass along a sign-up sheet during church asking for volunteers to bring their favourite breakfast food. Not everyone has the means or time to prepare something, so be sure to cook enough pancakes or waffles for everyone as the basis of the meal.

Many YSA wards are multicultural and it is always amazing to see what varieties of foods people eat for breakfast around the world. Start the activity with an inspiring spiritual message, song and prayer and then head into the cultural hall to sit and eat the breakfast feast together.

Park Day

Take advantage of sunny days by organising a YSA activity in the local park. Keep the activity far from being ordinary by integrating children's playground games into the day's theme. Set up three or four games stations for people to rotate through, such as double-dutch jump-roping, red rover, hopscotch, colouring with sidewalk chalk and tag. Finish the activity by reuniting the group together with a short spiritual though, a prayer, and finally a refreshing picnic of watermelon, sandwiches and other traditional picnic fare.

Talent Show

YSA wards are brimming with unique, talented, intelligent and interesting individuals from all over the world. A talent showcases the wide array of members' interests and abilities. Be sure to announce the talent show several weeks before the activity so that people can have enough time to prepare and practice their skits. Not everybody enjoys performing, so set up a table for people to display their written, artistic, academic and other talents. Invite the bishopric and other ward leadership to the show.

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About the Author

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