Mad Science Cake Decorating Ideas

No mad science party would be complete without a crazy cake to show off that wild scientist side. Create an unusual cake for your party to accentuate the theme and bring science to life for the kids.

Think out-of-the-box when decorating and you'll be in the perfect "mad scientist" mindset to pull off an incredible cake.


Make a cake that looks like a brain. To do this, bake a cake in a rounded Pyrex dish. After the cake cools, remove it from the mould and use frosting or fondant to create squiggly blood vessels and veins. You can also create a brain using gelatin -- add red coloured fruit pieces such as raspberries and strawberries inside the gelatin to make it look like brain matter. Use a brain shaped mould for an added touch, and place the gelatin brain on top of a decorated sheet cake.


Create a volcano cake and have raspberry sauce or strawberry sauce erupt from the centre and pour down for a truly scientific moment. Making this cake is a matter of choosing a photo of a volcano and cutting layers of sheet cake to form that structure. Cover the cake sculpture with coloured frosting and choose a "lava" source to create the full effect. Place the chosen sauce in a small bowl set in the top of the volcano cake and tip it slightly to let the sauce pour down the sides.


Bake a round cake and let it cool. Cut off a thin section from one side to create a flat edge for the cake to sit on. Cover the cake with white fondant. Use frosting, piping or additional fondant to create the pupil, veins and blood vessels and stick them onto the "eyeball" cake.

Magnifying Glass

Make a sheet cake and cut it out in the shape of a magnifying glass, a handy tool for close-ups of your next crazy science experiment. Use frosting or fondant to create the details making it look like a piece of glass. You can also write the child's name in the magnifying glass with a different colour of fondant or frosting.