Ideas to decorate vegetable salads

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Through attention to colour, presentation and decorative garnishes, you can transform a plain and unappetising looking heap of vegetables into a delectable vegetable salad that will have guests asking for second and third helpings.

Colourful vegetables

One of the most well-known tricks to creating a meal that looks and tastes appetising is to use a variety of colourful vegetables. For example, a bowl of salad greens with a couple of sliced tomatoes might be said to be less appealing than a bowl of salad greens topped with yellow pepper, sliced sweet potatoes, slivered beets and spring onions. Consider how reds, yellows and greens, among other colours, might be incorporated to help make the vegetable salad visually appealing.

Salad presentation

Use an exotic or unusual bowl to enhance the vegetable salad. A wooden bowl might be used to achieve a natural look to complement an outdoor or casual setting, while a crystal bowl might be used to achieve a classic look in a more formal setting. For individual portions, strive for a similar concept. Another popular presentation method with individually-portioned salads is to arrange the salad in the shape of a small hill in the middle of a flat plate. Doing this gives the salad dimension.

Decorative garnishes

Adding fresh herbs, such as leaves of basil or strands of rosemary, to the centre of the vegetable salad enhances its attractiveness. Sprinkling finely-chopped parsley to the outside of a flat salad plate is also a technique used by many chefs. Chopped nuts, dried fruit, capers, minced red pimento or grated cheese are a few other options that add vitality and variety to the salad.

Salad dressings

Serving salad dressing in a special container should impress guests and allow them to determine how much dressing they would like on their salad. A gravy boat would work well to hold the dressing, as would a simple glass canister. The additional option of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar provides guests with an alternative if they do not care for commercial salad dressings or are allergic to any of the ingredients.