Can You Get Cash From an American Express Card?

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Your American Express credit card is handy for making large purchases, but you can also reach for your plastic when you need extra cash in your pocket. Once you receive an American Express PIN number, you can use your card to withdrawal cash from most ATM machines worldwide.

Express Cash Programme

American Express calls its cash advance program Express Cash. Express Cash is not automatically activated on all accounts. You need to enrol in the programme and receive a PIN number. To join, call the Express Cash department on 1-800-CASH-NOW. American Express associates sign you up and issue you a PIN. Have you account number ready when you call. Express Cash membership is open to all cardholders.

Making a Withdrawal

With your PIN in hand, cash withdrawals are available from almost any ATM machine in the world. Look for the Star, Plus, NYSE, US Bank, AccelExchange, AFFN or Fifth Third Bank logo on the ATM -- if you see it, you can withdrawal cash. If you need help finding an appropriate ATM, visit the American Express website, where you can search for ATMs by geographic location.

You can make a cash withdrawal up to the your maximum cash advance allowance. These allowances vary depending on your account terms. Check your account agreement or contact American Express if you are unsure of your limit. Your cash advance limit may be lower than your credit limit.


Enrolment in the Express Cash programme is free, but there are other costs involved with American Express cash advances. In addition to any fee assessed by the bank that owns the ATM, American Express charges a three per cent transaction fee on all withdrawals, with a minimum £3 charge and no maximum charge.

The interest rate on your cash advance may be higher than the rate on regular purchases. The specifics of these fees and rate changes vary depending on which card you have. Check your card member agreement for details about cash advance fees and interest rates on your account.

Resetting Your PIN

If you lose your PIN number, American Express can reset it for you. Contact the Express Cash Department, and they will walk you through setting up your new number.