What to Plant With Lavender

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Many different considerations go into planning a garden. When planting with lavender, look for plants that grow in similar environmental conditions to make the workload in the garden a little easier. Choose plants that look aesthetically pleasing with lavender to create an attractive, harmonious garden. Some lavender companion plants will bring additional benefits to the garden.

Growing Conditions

Lavender is easy to grow. The plant loves hot, brightly-lit soil above all. The soil should be well-drained. Lavender is an evergreen shrub plant that grows up to 4 feet tall and wide and is cold-hardy to USDA zone 5. Purple-blue flowers appear on lavender from July to September. When looking for something to plant with lavender, choose other sun-loving plants that thrive in dry, well-drained soil.


Choose plants that look attractive with lavender. Aromatic herb plants like rosemary, parsley and lemon thyme help balance out the look of the garden. The purple flowers of lavender will look pleasing with the distinct foliage of lemon thyme and parsley. Because they are all aromatic plants, you'll create a perfumed, scented garden area when you choose these lavender companions.

Pest Control

Lavender gives off a strong scent that repels certain insects and pests. Lavender, thyme and scented geranium mask the smell of other plants that insects often target, such as roses. Sage, oregano and basil also produce a strong, masking scent that helps to confuse and deter insects. Because of its masking properties, some gardeners plant lavender and other masking plants throughout the garden to provide protection in every bed.

Lavender Pairings

Lavender and rue make good companion plants because they grow under similar conditions and work well together in garden environments. Many plants will grow beautifully alongside lavender, but some will not. Do not plant lavender near dill plants, as lavender may negatively affect their growth and overall health.

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