Birthday Party Ideas for a 30-Year Old

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Turning 30 is a big milestone, and while many people might not be too excited to leave their 20s, it is still a big reason to celebrate. Gail Sheehy, the author of "Passages," wrote that the 30s is the golden age and, while still feeling young, 30 year olds are more committed to life. Whether you are looking to celebrate with only close friends or by throwing a big party, start with a fun theme and accordingly plan the party.

Casino Night

Plan a casino night by setting up tables covered with green felt and mats for games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. Assign friends to deal the cards and serve the drinks. Give guests fake money or chips to gamble with. To set the mood, download slot machine sounds to play in the background, decorate with twinkle lights and hang posters of Las Vegas shows. You can also decorate with big pictures of dealing cards or dice. For the non-gamblers, set up a karaoke machine or video games. As for food, serve small hors d'oeuvres.

James Bond

Plan a party around James Bond movies for a sophisticated affair. Use invitations shaped as black tuxedos made out of card stock paper. Tell guests to come dressed as their favourite James Bond characters. Set the mood by playing the soundtracks from the James Bond movies and decorate the venue as a casino. Serve shaken martinis and set up international food stations. You can also serve elegant finger foods, such as shrimp and crackers with toppings. Have a contest for the most creative and realistic costumes.

Wine and Cheese Tasting

Host a wine tasting night for a trendy and classy party. Showcase wines from different regions and countries. Ask guests to bring a bottle from a place they have visited. At the party, have guests share a little history of the wine before tasting it. If guests have not visited other regions, have them bring samples of local wine to taste. Serve different kinds of cheese for guests. For a fun game, have guests taste and score the wine blindfolded, and then discuss the results.

80s Party

Remember your childhood days with an 80s theme party. Tell guests to dress in 80s attire. Decorate with neon colours and glitter. Use posters of famous musicians of the era to add an 80s feel. Hang records from the ceiling or use them as plates. Make sure to play music from the 80s and have everyone dance. Serve casual foods from the decade, such as potato skins and Buffalo wings. To drink, serve punch, beer and soda. Give prizes to the best dressed and rent a karaoke machine for more entertainment.

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