Ideas on How to Celebrate a 30th Birthday

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A 30th birthday is an opportune time to try new things, conquer longtime fears, and welcome a new phase of adulthood. If you're turning 30 soon, or are organising a 30th birthday activity for a friend, there are plenty of enjoyable and memorable activities you can engage in with loved ones that will make this milestone birthday one to look back on fondly.

Bungee Jumping or Skydiving

Do something daring for your 30th birthday like going skydiving or bungee jumping. These activities can help you to get over a fear of heights, or will simply allow you to fulfil your aspiration to be more daring in life. Bring your best friends or close family members along with you, and take a long a digital camera or camcorder, so you can document your experience. If there's a facility in your area that offers these activities, follow up your experience with lunch or dinner at your favourite restaurant; if you're travelling out of town to having an adventurous 30th birthday, make a mini vacation out of it by booking a hotel for the night.

Spa Weekend

Give your best friend a weekend at the spa by making reservations at a resort out of town. This is a wonderful gift for someone with a particularly busy schedule who doesn't have much time to relax. Invite a few other close friends to come along, and ask everyone to pitch in and pay for the guest of honour to receive spa treatments like facials, a manicure, or a new haircut. You can also take her to a local spa to receive various services throughout the weekend, and conclude her 30th birthday weekend with a brunch that features all the foods she loved as a kid. Or, invite loved ones to your home to host a 30th birthday spa weekend for the guest of honour. Hire professional massage therapists to come to your home, as well as professional manicurists, and buy snacks like fresh fruit and mineral water.

Road Trip

Take a road trip with the people who mean the most of you, and commemorate your 30th birthday by stopping at various locations to take in sights you've always wanted to witness. Visiting an animal preserve, amusement park or ski lodge all make an enjoyable 30th birthday present. Or, you can come up with a theme for your road trip, like "museums" or "Mexican restaurants." Arrange to travel for a specific amount of hours with your friends, and visit each restaurant or museum along the way. Take lots of pictures of your experiences, including the impromptu activities you and your friends engaged in during the trip.

30th Birthday Banquet

If your brother or son is celebrating a 30th birthday this year, organise a banquet to serve as a sophisticated birthday party. Make the event especially formal by sending out black tie-style invitations, and requesting that all the guests dress in formal attire. Hire a band to play classical versions of your brother's favourite songs, and ask a few of your family members to say a few words about the guest of honour at the celebration. You can also decorate the tables with photos of the guest of honour over the years, and use the 30th birthday banquet to congratulate your son on additional recent accomplishments, like the birth of his first child, a job promotion, or opening his own business.

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