Geography Birthday Ideas

While some loathe lessons in geography, others delight in learning about foreign lands that they may not yet have had a chance to see. If celebrating the birthday of a geography fan, consider planning a party that fits this academic theme.

By integrating an assortment of geography-related elements into your event, you can make the party cohesive and effectively reflect the established theme.

I'm From... Costumes

Make your birthday event a costumed one to make it more reflective of your geography theme. When sending out invitations, attach a printed country flag to each, asking the attendees to come dressed as someone from that country. If you want to make this task easier for them to accomplish, pair the flag with some pictures of people from that country as well. Encourage attendees to put their all into costume creation by making it a contest and awarding a prize to the best-dressed at the end of the party.

Around-The-World Snacks

Give your guests' palettes a tour of the globe by preparing snacks from around the world. For example, prepare empanadas or mini-tacos to reflect the cuisine of Mexico and make fried-fish bites to represent popular English food. Instead of tipping each food with a plain toothpick, print out tiny flags and glue them to the picks before placing them in the food to identify the country it is representing.

Massive Map Party Game

Make your party game a brain-busting one by creating a massive map party game. To prepare this game, procure large sheets of butcher paper. Create outlines of countries or continents from around the globe, labelling each. Place them in relatively the proper places across your floor, taping them into place. Compose clues that point to these locations, keeping your attendees' likely knowledge in mind when writing these clues to ensure that they aren't overly challenging. When game time comes, ask all guests to stand in the middle of this playing area and read the clues one at a time. Tell the guests to go stand on the country or continent to which the clue pertains. Give each guest a point for each correct answer, declaring the one with the most points at game's end the winner.

Geography Party Favors

Give your guests something to take home with them by buying some geography party favours. Buy small things that reflect your geography theme, such as globe pencil sharpeners or map colouring books. Bag these favours up, and give them to your guests as they leave your event.