Cake Decorating Ideas With a Hawaiian Theme

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If you are hosting or catering a Hawaiian party, consider decorating the cake with embellishments inspired by the Big Island. Even if you are not a professional baker, you can easily decorate a Hawaiian cake that is sure to impress your guests.

Party supply and craft stores have a wide range of decorations and tools to help you create a Hawaiian theme cake.

Hula Dancer

Make a hula dancer cake with a child's doll as the dancer, and surround her with cake. You will need enough cake layers to cover her legs or you can use a skirt mould found at many craft stores. Wrap the doll's legs in cling film and insert the doll into the cake before decorating. Decorate the cake with green icing for the grass. Use a bright coloured icing to pipe flowers around the doll's waist. Make a coconut bra out of icing or fondant.


A volcano cake with lava makes a great addition to your Hawaiian theme party. You will need to stack layers of cake as high as you want the volcano. Then, use a knife to shape the layers into a volcano. Cover the cake with butter cream icing. This will make it easier to apply the chocolate icing that will be the volcano. Use a paint brush to give the chocolate a more textured look. Drizzle red icing along the sides for lava. Add grass by surrounding the bottom of the volcano with green icing.


You only need one layer of cake to make some waves for your party. Cover the cake with a thin layer of blue icing. Then, add more blue icing to two-thirds of the cake to form the waves. This will give the cake depth. You can do this with a paint brush. The messier it looks, the more natural the waves will be. Use white icing to add whitecaps to the cake. For the sandy beach, crumble graham crackers and sprinkle on the last third of the cake. You can decorate the cake with drink umbrellas and small plastic toys such as a surfboard or surfers.


Purchase plastic leis from a party supply store. Stack three tiers of cake and cover with butter cream. Use different colours of icing for each tier. Try to match the icing with the leis. Once the cake is iced, wrap the leis between each tier. Trim any excess.