Homemade Weight Gain Drinks

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Although many people struggle to lose weight, some struggle with the opposite. For bodybuilders, powerlifters and generally underweight people, trouble gaining weight can be a problem. Being underweight can cause deficiencies in the immune system, fatigue and overall weak muscles and brain activity. Fortunately, there are many homemade drinks you can make to help you gain weight.


Drinking a large glass of whole milk with each meal every day will help you gain weight. Whole milk will add fat and calories to your diet as well as giving you the vitamins, minerals and calcium needed for a healthy body. To keep from adding fatty weight gain, use skimmed milk instead of whole milk.


Add more calories to that glass of milk by making a milkshake. Add a few scoops of ice cream to the milk, and blend them together. Although you can drink this at any point during the day, consuming a large amount of calories before going to bed is ideal. Try to drink a maximum of two shakes a day because weight should be gained over a period of time.


Add nuts, peanut butter or protein powder to any drink for extra calories. Consuming these items will make up a good portion of the protein your body needs in a day and will fuel your muscles for healthy growth. Because muscles take up less space than fat, adding protein to your diet is a great way to gain weight while staying healthy. If you are adding muscle for weightlifting, replace ice cream with extra protein.

Fruits and Oats

Maintain a balanced nutrition intake to stay healthy, especially when gaining weight. To do so, add items such as fruits and oats to your shakes. Fruits such as pineapples, kiwis and strawberries are ideal choices. Because of their size, oats will need to be ground in a blender first. If the shake is too thick after adding the oats, add more milk.

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