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Ideas for a Mother's Day Promotion

Mother's Day is the perfect time to start a new promotion for your business and bring in customers that might not have shopped in your store otherwise. Try to think of things that will make shopping for this special day a bit easier or events that will draw in moms and their children.

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According to, small businesses in the fields of hospitality, service and retail gain the most from Mother's Day Promotions. Since the goal is to get people into your store, you'll want to offer an event to draw the customers in and special packages they can purchase for mom while they are there or that can be pre-ordered.

Mother's Day Tea Time

An elegant tea time luncheon is the perfect promotion for restaurants and small hotels. In addition to charging for the actual event, you can speak a bit about what your business has to offer moms and offer some special packages that can be purchased on the spot. Other businesses that might want to host a tea for moms include churches, realty offices and caterers.

Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son Events

Many families are on a budget these days, so offering inexpensive mother/daughter or mother/son events can be a big draw. Consider a party, ball, magic show or contest. For example, a mother/daughter beauty pageant could be a great promotion to get people into a clothing store or small shopping mall.

Free Gift for Mom

No matter what type of business you own, offering a free gift to any mom that comes into the store on Mother's Day can get a large number of potential customers in your shop. Of course, not all of them will buy something that day. You'll want to put your sale items and specials on display near the cash register and include literature in the bag you put the free gift in. You will likely make some sales on this day, but this promotion is geared to get the word out about your business and hopefully get repeat customers later on. It is probably better to spend a little more on the promotional gift and limit the number than to give away something that seems to cheap or cheesy.

Famous Mom Speakers

Bookstores and coffee shops may want to invite a special speaker who is a famous mom. Don't rule out local celebrities like newscasters and the meteorologist to come and speak on topics important to moms. Make the speech a true event. Invite people to bring a brown bag lunch, offer cookies and punch and if the speaker is an author, feature a booksigning at the end.

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