Herbs to use for pork seasoning on a tenderloin

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Pork tenderloin has a mild flavour, akin to chicken breast. Such a meat requires the use of herbs and spices to add flavour without overwhelming its delicate taste. Not all herbs complement the flavour of pork. Using seasonings best suited for the other white meat will improve the taste of the tenderloin.


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Rosemary has a strong flavour. This herb in its fresh form consists of a stem with tiny, closed leaves. Use a single sprig of rosemary placed on top of a pork tenderloin during baking to add flavour. Dried rosemary leaves can be added to any rub seasoning mixture for pork tenderloin. Rosemary is an important addition to an herbes de provence mixture, but rosemary can also be used alone.

Herbes De Provence

A mixture of herbs from France, herbes de provence adds an herbal flavour to pork tenderloin. Find this herb mixture in the spice aisle of grocery stores or make your own. The recipes for herbes de provence vary based on the available herbs. Most combinations include: rosemary, sage, thyme, marjoram, lavender, basil, fennel seeds and savoury.

Hot and Spicy

Latin-American herbs and spices make a pork tenderloin spicy and flavourful. Ground cumin, Mexican oregano and ground chillies combined make a rub for seasoning a tenderloin to serve with a South of the Border menu. For more heat, use cayenne pepper instead of ground chillies, or opt for smoked paprika to add a smoky flavour to the tenderloin without a barbecue grill.

Sweet Fall Pork

An autumn roast of pork tenderloin and apples needs sweet herbs and spices to bring out the sweet-tart flavour of the apple and to complement the savoury taste of the pork. Cinnamon, cloves and cardamom are seasonings that do this. Add savoury herbs such as sage and thyme with the sweet seasonings to round out the seasoning mixture's flavour and keep it from tasting too sweet. Cinnamon is known to pair well with apples. Cloves have a sweet and sharp flavour. Cardamom contributes an almost citrus-like taste to the mixture. Sage leaves are added to many meat dishes for a savoury, warm taste, and thyme lends a woodsy flavour to the pork tenderloin.

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