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Silicone Spray Uses

Updated November 21, 2016

Silicone spray has many applications that are beneficial in the home. This spray works as a lubricant on multiple surfaces, such as plastic, wood, metal and rubber. The spray also removes tough household stains and protects items from moisture. The boundless uses for silicone spray make it a homeowner's best friend.

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Apply silicone spray to stubborn locks and hinges to lubricate them. Spray silicone on garage door rollers to lubricate the rollers and allow for smooth operation. Use silicone spray to separate stacked glassware that has become stuck together. Spray a coat of silicone spray on wood drawer runners to help them glide smoothly.


Silicone creates a moisture barrier and is excellent in protecting surfaces from water damage. Spray silicone on metal tools to keep rust away. Routinely apply a layer of silicone spray to wood handles to keep them from rotting. Create water resistant paper by spraying silicone on plain paper. Treat leather items with a coating of silicone spray to protect them from water damage.


Silicone spray makes quick clean-up of household messes. Remove tough protein based stains such as tomato, blood and grass stains, with an application of silicone spray. Clean oily scuff marks from floors with a rag and silicone spray.


Silicone spray dissolves many sticky situations. Remove super glue from skin with a squirt of silicone spray. Apply silicone spray to a rag and wipe up flooring adhesive. Use silicone glue to remove sticky candy and gum from hair, clothing and flooring.

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