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Fun games to teach about germs

Updated October 04, 2018

Teaching children about germs can help them learn the importance of good hygiene and how diseases are spread. Many online games and activities aim to teach children about germs, including how to correctly wash your hands, prepare work surfaces and other aspects of hygiene. Learning about the different games available to teach kids about germs can help these important lessons stay with your child.

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Hand Washing Games

Many games about germs focus on teaching children the correct way to wash their hands. One such game is the online game "Bugs and Suds." The simplistic style of the game makes it suitable for young children who are just learning how to wash their hands correctly. At the bottom of the screen there are six circles featuring important parts of the hand washing process. An animated germ walks backwards and forwards in the centre of the screen, and the aim of the game is to make him disappear by correctly reconstructing the hand washing process on the six empty circles above the germ. Add the steps in the right order and watch the germ fade away.

Printable Activities

You can also find many different printable activities online to help children learn about the different aspects of germs and personal hygiene. The "Hygiene Passport" can be printed off from a PDF file and includes a word-search, a crossword, a maze and a riddle designed to teach kids the importance of personal hygiene and steering clear of germs. The messages included in the "Hygiene Passport" have a practical edge, aiming to get children to care about personal hygiene, rather than promoting a clear understanding of how germs function. The activity book includes a "Hygiene Agreement," on which your child can write the ways in which he is going to work on his personal hygiene.

Germs and Illness

Teaching children the relationship between germs and illness is another aim of many online games revolving around germs. One game that accomplishes this goal is "Charlie and Lola's Germ Counting," which features the characters from the TV program "Charlie and Lola." The game opens with a cut scene explaining that Lola is ill and that her mouth is full of germs. The game centres around counting and identifying colours, making it suitable for preschool children, but also shows that there are germs in your body, and if there is an abundance of them, you can get ill.

Germs in the House

Many games that teach children about germs focus on the aspect of household germs, and the ways in which we control and fight germs in the home. The "Netoons and Buurkis" game aims to teach children about this aspect of hygiene. Choose a mission from the two available online. "The Tea Party" focuses on cleaning work surfaces and all the potential hygiene issues, and germ contamination involved with making a cake. "Uncle Robert" focuses on an impending visit from a scientist uncle who is of delicate health. You have to clean the house so that he cannot catch any illnesses from the germs present.

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