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Paint Ideas for Sheds

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have an old, weathered backyard shed, give it a quick rejuvenation with a little paint and an afternoon's worth of hard work. As a warning, check to ensure the soundness of your shed's structure before you begin painting, as rotted, weathered wood could become dangerous in the event the shed collapses. Consider bright, playful colours or other colours that fit your personality. Since passersby cannot see your shed, consider experimenting with your colour palette.

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Caribbean Colors

Transform your old, brown shed into a playful, breezy Caribbean tool shack. The beauty of a Caribbean palette lies in its boldness and diversity. You can pair different colours together and mix and match. Paint the door yellow, the roof red and the window trimmings green. Experiment with pastel versions of these colours to evoke the tropics.

Little Red Riding Hood's Bungalow

Turn your tool shed into Little Red Riding Hood's bungalow by painting the body of the shed white, the roof red, the door red and the trimmings around the windows red. Add a little charm and whimsy by attaching red flower boxes beneath each of the windows. Adapt this colour scheme for sheds without windows by painting any accent trimming red.

Emerson's Forest Cabin

Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, two great American writers who loved to connect with nature by spending time in the woods, you can transform your boring tool shed into an earthy and rustic yet still handsome structure. Pant your shed a reddish-brown hue with forest green accents on the trimmings and the door.

Seaside Cottage

Evoke the sea and the tranquillity of the sand and surf with a colour palette inspired by the coast. Paint your shed white, and accent the structure with hues of baby blue, sea foam green, pearly pink, soft yellow and beige. You may want to pick two coastal hues for your accents to retain a simple cottage feel.

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