Can I wax a laminate floor?

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Laminate flooring consists of multiple layers of fiberboard bonded together and sealed to a top layer of a photographic image of natural wood. The flooring is durable, contains a glossy finish and is resistant to moisture.

Laminate flooring's top finish also contains a clear coating, made from resin-coated cellulose, that protects the material from slight scratches and indentations. Like hardwood flooring, laminate flooring needs regular maintenance and care.


You should not wax your home's laminate flooring. Laminate flooring comes with a glossy coating that is restored each time you clean the flooring using a dust or damp mop. Wax will cause the flooring to become extremely slick and actually dull the floor's finish. Also, do not apply a polish or "mop and shine" product to your flooring. These substances can also dull your flooring's finish.

You also do not want to flood the flooring with water. Excessive water can cause the laminate flooring to swell.


Wet a soft cloth or mop with water from a sink, wring out excess and scrub your laminate flooring. Dry the flooring with a soft cloth or rag. The shiny surface will reappear after you dry the flooring. No wax is required. Clean your flooring on a regular basis.

Also, wipe up any spills and water immediately with a clean, soft cloth or sponge.


Do not use a cleaning product that is not designed for laminate flooring if you are wanting to use a commercial cleaner, and do not apply a soap-based detergent, steam cleaner or an abrasive cleaner to the flooring. These cleaners and devices can damage your laminate flooring's shiny appearance as well as seep into the flooring's planks and cause damage.

Do not use scouring pads or steel wool to remove to stains from your flooring; scratches can occur. Use nail polish remover or acetone instead to remove stains and wipe the area where the stain was with a damp cloth to restore the laminate's glossy finish.

Alternative Cleaner

A solution of 3 cups of water and 2 cups of vinegar is another way to restore your flooring's shiny appearance. Dip a clean mop in the solution, wring out excess and mop your flooring to restore the shine instead of wax or polish.