The best places to have a 40th birthday party

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In our society, we tend to make a huge deal of birthday parties, but especially landmark birthdays. Some of the ones that stand out are a baby's first birthday, a teenager's 16th birthday and an adult's 40th over-the-hill birthday. Often it's hard to know where to hold a birthday party. With a little planning, creative venues can be found to host the perfect 40th birthday party.

Arcade 40th Birthday Venues

Who says you're too old to have fun on your 40th birthday? Having a birthday party at an arcade is an excellent choice for a grown-up birthday party. You can have one at places such as Adventure Landing or Dave and Buster's. Call in advance to reserve one of these venues for your family and friends. Check in your community for other arcade providers. For example, Jacksonville, Florida, has just opened a new venue called Latitude 30, which comes complete with an arcade area, bowling and party rooms.


We never seem to outgrow our love of music, although our tastes sometimes change as we age. Having a 40th birthday party at a concert may be the perfect choice for a different birthday idea. Buy tickets as a group in order to receive discount prices and improve your chances of sitting together for the concert. Just remember to call well in advance, when great seats are still available. After the concert, a dinner on the town might just be in order. Search for performing arts centres, concert halls and outdoor arenas in your area. It's your 40th birthday, so choose the concert you want and have fun.

Outdoor Birthday Party

For the nature lover, an outdoor party may be perfect for a 40th birthday. Local beaches, parks and national forests often have picnic areas that you can reserve and rent. It is often first come, first served, so call well in advance. Some parks offer covered areas with no reservations needed. If you're the first one there in the morning, you can select the perfect covered area and reserve it for your 40th birthday party.


For the young at heart, a great choice would be a birthday party at a nightclub. There are clubs that cater to the more mature adult. These clubs often play 1970s and '80s classic rock, pop and country music. If you're not bashful, some clubs even offer a Chippendale dancer to help celebrate a birthday. Check in advance to make sure the birthday gal would approve of this racy birthday idea.

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