Pagan Wedding Gifts

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If you are invited to a pagan wedding, you may find yourself at a loss for what kind of gift is appropriate. In reality, the joining of two people--regardless of their religious affiliation--tends to warrant the same kinds of presents.

In addition to traditional gifts, though, you may wish to give the couple something a little more related to their beliefs. Whatever you choose, as long as it is offered with a sentiment of love and generosity, it will be appreciated.

Decorative Candles and Candle Holders

You can choose candles from a variety of colours and sizes. Many candle stores and websites offer themed gift boxes of specific scents and aroma therapy purposes. Candle holders also come in a variety of designs, allowing you to choose from basic to ornate holders in many different metals and finishes. Many pagan ceremonies and rituals involve the lighting of candles, making this a practical gift. Keep in mind the popularity of these items. If you are seeking to be original, perhaps another gift might be a better choice.

Apocathery Items

Herbs and incense play a large part in pagan ceremonies. As with candles, speciality stores and websites offer special gift sets of incense, fragrances, and anointing oils. Other items that fall under this category include ornate boxes for the items to be stored in and altar cloths of varying colours and materials.


Some pagan individuals ascribe to Celtic traditions and culture. If this is the case for the couple getting married, Celtic jewellery can be relevant gifts. The claddagh, crescent moon, trinity knot, tribal heart and moonstone are all popular symbols that are often incorporated into rings, pendants, and necklaces. Talismans and other pagan charms are also available in the form of jewellery.

Wind Chimes

Many popular pagan symbols are available in the form of wind chimes. Because a lot of the pagan religion is devoted to the appreciation of nature, wind chimes can be a welcome addition to gardens, porches, and balconies. The chimes, gems, and bells on these wind chimes offer peaceful sounds as breezes pass by.

Gift Cards

Pagans are just like anyone else in their need for towels, dishes, cookware, bedding, and other items to set up a home together. Purchasing gift cards to home furnishing stores allows the couple to choose on their own and purchase items that they need and that appeal to them. Gift cards are often available in pretty wedding designs and can be purchased in a variety of monetary denominations and then presented in a card or floral arrangement.