Ultra Modern Privacy Fence Ideas

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Enjoy both the security of privacy and pleasing aesthetics in your ultra modern privacy fence. Choose the idea that best suits your personal style and complements your yard and home. From sturdy structures with modern flair to flimsy art pieces, there's a fence for you.

Rice Screen

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Stand 4 x 4-inch posts every 10 feet in concrete footers dug beforehand. Screw 2 x 2-inch pieces of wood across the top and bottom horizontally and wooden dividers every 36 inches vertically, and attach Plexiglas covered with rice paper sheets inside each section. The Plexiglas will keep the rice paper from ripping in the event of high winds. At the bottom of your privacy fence, from within your yard, stake spotlights to illuminate the fence at night for an ultra modern Asian-inspired privacy fence.


Turn old farm windows and doors into an ultra modern privacy fence for smaller yards. Paint the window panes in solid colours or mix it up, alternating solids and painted flowers and scenery. For a funky feel, paint faces in each of the window panes. Hang these windows inside 2 x 4-inch frames, anchored by 4 x 4-inch posts. Erect an old farm door in the centre of the line of windows to complete your contemporary shabby chic look.

Summer Breeze

Give your yard the ultimate summer party look with fabric privacy fencing. Choose coastal blues and greens in stripes or bright party colours in solids. Hang these mould-resistant fabrics in 44-inch widths from a curtain track screwed inside the top of an 8-foot tall frame. Attach the pieces to the bottom of the frame with heavy-duty drapery clips. Leave 4 to 6 inches of space between each fabric sheet.


If you are on a limited budget, don't fret. Turn a traditional wood slat privacy fence into an ultra modern masterpiece. Draw a mural across the entire fence. From playful, geometric shapes to more elaborate landscapes, your fence will breathe new life into your space. Paint just the outer fence or both sides so the neighbours aren't the only ones who get to enjoy your handiwork.

Eco Friendly

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Bamboo is easily replenished as it is the fastest growing plant in the world. During peak seasons, it grows more than 1 foot per day. Since it has the propensity to quickly overtake your entire yard (and those of your neighbours), erect long box planters along your property line. Plant the bamboo in the planters, and trim daily after they reach the desired height. Because these plants replenish so quickly, you can also have the bamboo cut to fit a framed fence without the guilt of depleting the planet of natural resources.

Another eco friendly option is the cypress. It comes in many variations that grow between 3 to 6 feet per year. Let them grow naturally, or box them off at the top for a more modern touch that still maintains your privacy.