Ideas for Making Golden Wedding Cards

The achievement of 50 years of marriage deserves to be marked with a very special card. Gold themes are popular, of course, but there's no need to stick to traditional symbols of love and marriage such as rings, hearts and doves. Seek inspiration from other symbols associated with golden weddings, such as flowers, or make a card which recalls the year the couple got married, half a century earlier.

Edible Violet Card

Violets are the flowers traditionally associated with golden wedding anniversaries and are also edible. To make an edible Golden Wedding card, take a sheet of edible wafer paper, about 15cm by 18cm, and lightly sketch a 2cm margin around the edges. Use tweezers to gently lay gold leaf on the margins and brush over with a small paint brush to adhere it. Draw a few stems and leaf outlines in the centre of the paper with a golden food-colouring pen and use edible glue to secure frosted violet flowers on top. Write your anniversary message under the flower with the gold pen. All these materials should be available from cake decorating suppliers.

Vintage Card

As an alternative to the many gold-coloured cards couples will receive on their 50th wedding anniversary, convert a plain photo-insert card into a vintage-style frame with prints or fabrics from 50 years ago. Look for wallpaper graphics or textile patterns from the year the couple got married. Find fabric originals in charity shops, or download images, then cut them out and paste them over the card's frame. Insert a copy of one of the couple's wedding photos in the middle.

"Gold Record" Card

Mark the milestone and bring back the sounds of the couple's wedding year with a "gold record" card made from an old vinyl single from that period, which can be bought from vintage record dealers. The song doesn't actually have to have reached gold record sales as long as it means something to the couple. Don't damage the original record sleeves and labels by writing on them or gluing them. Instead, buy a piece of gold card that is more than twice as large as the record sleeve and fold it in half to create a greeting card. Slip plastic photo-corners on the record sleeve corners and glue these onto the front of the card to hold the record in place.

Golden Globe Card

A long marriage can feature as many ups and downs as any Hollywood movie, and 50 years of wedded bliss most definitely deserves an award. Create a Golden Globe anniversary card. Write "Best Performance By A Married Couple" in gold pen on the front of a blank card at the top. Cut out a photo of a golden globe statue from a celebrity magazine or the official HFPA site (see "References") and stick that beside the words. Download a film still or poster from a famous romantic movie from the year the couple got married. Cut out the movie couple's bodies and stick them in the centre of the card under the words. Cut out the anniversary couple's faces from recent photos and glue them onto the cut-outs of the movie couple's bodies.

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