Flowers for Weddings in October

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On any given day, a flower is just a flower--except on the wedding day, when a flower can turn the day right side up or upside down. The flowers you choose for your bouquet, centrepieces and wedding accents should express who you are as a couple as well as your design aesthetic. Although June tends to be the typical wedding month, there are many fall flowers to choose from, even if you have an October wedding.

Chrysanthemums (mums)

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You can have a grower ship flowers to you from all over the world. If you want white orchids in October, it is certainly possible. However, in addition to being one more thing to coordinate, shipping flowers can be costly and environmentally unfriendly.

You can choose seasonal flowers for your wedding. Popular seasonal flowers for a fall wedding include chrysanthemums. Representing wealth, abundance and truth, mums come in 13 varieties, and one of them is likely to complement your wedding decor.


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For an October wedding you can choose bright bold colours as accents or as the main colours for your ceremony. You can choose from deep oranges, yellows and reds as your colour palette for the blessed event. The mini-calla lily is a popular flower for a fall bouquet. You can find mini calla lilies in gold and orange hues. You may think of lilies as spring flowers, but properly tended lilies bloom again after the summer heat and through the first frost.

Other Seasonal Flowers

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There are plenty of seasonal flowers to choose from: aster, sunflowers, zinnia, and statice. Additionally, there are many types of flowers that are grown all year around. Popular types include carnations, gladiolus, gardenia, delphinium, orchids, and gerbera daisies. Roses, a popular wedding flower, can also be found in October.

Keep in mind that there are some flowers that have traditional meanings that are contrary to your wedding day. For example, marigolds mean grief, yellow lilies mean falsehood, and yellow carnations mean disdain. If you are a traditionalist, you may want to avoid these flowers in these colours.

Plants that accent your flowers

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When you think of the fall, you think of the changing of the leaves. Don't hesitate to use leaves as part of your wedding decor. They can be part of centrepieces or part of the bouquet. In addition, you can round out your bouquets and centrepieces with hypericum berries or berrylike plants like viburnum. Lotus pods can take the place of traditional baby's breath.

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