Places to Have an 18th Birthday Party

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In western culture, when you turn 18, you become an adult. You can now legally sign documents such as a lease on an apartment or a credit card receipt. The 18th birthday not only signifies independence, it also introduces you to your new set of responsibilities beyond curfew and house chores. At 18, your civic responsibilities begin in the form of voting rights and registering for the draft.

Hotel Banquet Halls

Latino cultures celebrate the quinceneara in lavish banquet halls. The quinceneara is the coming of age party for Latin girls. Bar Mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, which are the rites of passage ceremonies for Jewish children, are also often held in formal dining areas. Plan a very elegant, tasteful evening that your friends will envy. Rent a banquet hall and require everyone to attend the party in their best evening gowns and best tuxedos. This kind of party is best if your birthday doesn't have to compete with your senior prom.

Amusement Parks

Florida high school students enjoy an evening in which they have Walt Disney World Theme Park all to themselves during Grad Night. Your party can be a similarly exciting event. If there is a small theme park near your area, you can inquire with the management for the cost to open the park during off hours for your party event. If it is out of your budget, you can still enjoy your party there. Ask the staff about special events and invitations for those celebrating birthdays.

Night Clubs

Night clubs are in the business of planning party events. You can rent a nightclub for your party for as low as £195 or more for the night, depending on the night. If the club has its best nights on your birth date, they may not be willing to rent or they may charge you a large fee. Because you are under the legal drinking age and your party guests will most likely be as well, there still can't be any alcohol sold at the event. A club owner can charge less for renting the club if he can make up for the cost at the bar. Because he won't be able to, be prepared to pay more for the venue by the hour or for the whole night. Inquire about VIP sections inside the club. You can party in VIP without having to rent the entire club. Your city may also have an 18 and over dance club you could party at.

Cruise Ships

Impress your friends and party like a rock star on a yacht or a similar small boating vessel. If there are marinas near you, they won't be hard to find. Contact event and party planners for suggestions on who to use. Party cruise ships rent start at £780 for three to five hours. Search around for bargains. Talk with boat owners or party boat rental agencies to negotiate on rates.

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