Ideas for a Wine & Cheese Party Fundraiser

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A wine and cheese party fundraiser mixes an enjoyable evening out with philanthropy. To have a successful fundraiser, you want to put together the evening in a memorable way so people not only donate to the cause, but have such a good time, they can't wait for the next event.

Local Winery

Wineries are not limited to a few locations in the U.S.; they're found in each of the contiguous 48 states. Find a local winery and Invite it to serve its wines at your fundraiser. You can offer wine by the glass, or charge people a flat rate to enter the fundraiser. If you go the latter way, be sure you're covering the cost of the wine. If you can't find a winery close to you, see if there's a wine bar that can essentially serve the same purpose.

Matching Countries

Create a wine event that focuses on wine and cheese from a certain country or region of that country. For example, you can feature a French wine and cheese night, an Italian wine and cheese night, or even a Wisconsin or California wine and cheese night. Offer a range of soft to hard cheeses along with both white and red wines from these regions so there's something for every palette.


Give your guests the pleasure of drinking from glassware rather than plastic cups. You can rent the glasses from a party supply store, or you can ask members of your organisation bring glasses from home. If you want to follow tradition, have two different glasses for red and white wines. Red wine is usually served in a larger, wider glass because the tannins need more space to open up and breathe. White wine is served in a smaller, narrower glass because it doesn't need as much room to open up.

Cocktail Tables

Set up cocktail tables throughout the room so your guests can mingle and visit. It spreads out the event, and takes the pressure off the bar area where people are being served. Placing cheese or other snacks on the cocktail tables will naturally draw people to those areas. The centrepiece can consist of a wine bottle with a candle in the top, or a wine bottle with a fresh rose in it.

Wine Tasting

Holding a wine tasting can be a good way to raise funds. Generally, a wine tasting allows people to taste four to eight wines, for a price of £3 to £7, depending on the quality of the wines. You can raise the prices slightly since it is a fundraiser. The tasting can be done by a local wine shop owner or local winery.

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