Kids Costume Ideas for Disciples

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Dressing a child up like a disciple for Halloween can be as easy as sending the child to trick or treat with a robe and sandals. But to signify which disciple the child is, use a specific trait or story of the disciple from the Bible. Decorate the robe with different items or add an accessory to make a child Judas, John or Peter.


Peter, also known as Simon, is the leader of the disciples. Peter was a fisherman, so adding a fishing rod or a fish to a child's disciple robe can pinpoint the child as Peter the disciple. Peter played a large role in Jesus' life and even drew a sword when Jesus was arrested. Adding a fake sword to a child's disciple costume could also individualise it to Peter.


Andrew was called on by Jesus to become a disciple after he had been a disciple for John the Baptist. One of Andrew's most defining moments was making the trip to Mount of Olives with Jesus and three other disciples. Decorate a child's costume with a necklace of olives to signify Andrew and his trip with Jesus, or give the child an olive branch for the same reason. Andrew also is the disciple to point out a boy with loaves and fish after Jesus fed 5,000 men. Give a child a loaf of bread and a pretend fish to signify he is Andrew the disciple.

James, Son of Zebedee

James was one of the first apostles to be called on by Jesus. James and his brother John were given a surname by Jesus called Boanerges, which means "Sons of thunder." To individualise a child's costume to represent James, create a rain cloud with lightening. The idea is somewhat far-fetched, but avid churchgoers or Bible readers should be able to pinpoint the correct disciple.


John is arguably one of the most famous disciples, writing five books of the New Testament. He was called on to become a disciple with James and was part of the inner circle of Jesus with Peter and James. Also being given the surname Boanerges, John's costume could be the same as James. To individualise it even more, add paper and a pencil to signify his time writing five New Testament books. Or, being the "beloved disciple," attach a heart shape to a child's costume robe to signify Jesus's love for John.


Philip was the sixth disciple to join Jesus. Simply sew a six onto a child's robe costume to signify when Philip became a disciple. Or, individualise a Philip disciple costume by giving the child a small plate of food, since Philip was asked by Jesus where he should get a small amount of food to feed a lot of people.


Also known as Nathanael, Bartholomew was introduced to Jesus by Philip. Bartholomew was a missionary, preaching the word of Jesus to surrounding towns and areas. To create a Bartholomew costume, give a child a fig or a piece of a fig tree. The first time Jesus met Bartholomew, Jesus told him he knew him already because he could see him under a fig tree.


Thomas is another missionary of Jesus' and travelled to different areas to preach the word of Jesus like Bartholomew. Thomas is mostly known for doubting that Jesus reappeared to the disciples after His crucifixion. For this Thomas is called "doubting Thomas." To create a Thomas disciple costume for a child, make a question mark hat. Cut a question mark out of cardboard and attach it to a hat to signify Thomas questioning Jesus's resurrection.


Matthew worked as a tax collector before being called on by Jesus to be a disciple. Individualise a child's costume to Matthew by having a child hold a bag of change. In the New Testament book of Matthew, he gives a detailed account of Jesus' ancestors and speeches. You could also create a Matthew costume by drawing Jesus' family tree on a piece of paper and have "Matthew" carry it around while in disciple robes.


Judas is a famous disciple since he is the one who betrayed Jesus. As a disciple, he was known as the treasurer and often dipped into the disciple's funds to benefit himself. Judas is said to have betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. To create a Judas costume, make it clear that the disciple is greedy by giving a child a wad of fake money, or attach 30 pieces of fake silver to the robe the child is going to wear.


Also known as Simon the Zealot, Simon is a lesser known disciple, but he had an important job. He was the disciple to heal diseases and cast out unclean spirits. The name means "God has heard," which signifies that God has heard a sick person's plea for help. To dress a child up like Simon, give him a first aid kit or a stethoscope to represent his healing powers.

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