Cake Decoration Ideas for a 95th Birthday

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Reaching a 95th birthday is definitely a milestone worth celebrating. When choosing a theme for the cake, try not to focus on the exact age of the recipient but rather their personal interests, hobbies and achievements. Personalise the cake with decorations and by selecting the favourite cake and frosting of the birthday man or woman to ensure that they enjoy not only the appearance of the cake but the flavour as well.

Numeral Candles

While the idea of 95 lit candles packed onto the top of a cake may sound exciting, it's also a little dangerous. Instead of using 95 candles, opt for numeral candy cake toppers. Purchase a 9 and a 5 candle for the recipient's age or purchase four candles to decorate the cake with their year of birth. These cake toppers will still personalise the cake and make the task of blowing out the candles much easier.

Collage Cake

Collect pictures from important moments in the birthday recipient's life from friends and family members. Make copies of the pictures to avoid damaging them and paste the copies together to form a collage. Once the collage is finished, laminate it and place it on top of the frosted cake. Pipe a frosting border around the collage to hide the edges. If you can find a bakery with photo printing abilities, ask them to transfer your image onto a sheet of edible paper instead. Remove the backing from the edible collage and gently press it onto the top of a freshly frosted cake. This will make the collage appear to be printed directly on your cake.

Fresh Fruit

The American Diabetes Association reports that approximately 23 per cent of adults over the age of 60 suffer from diabetes. Even if an elderly person does not have diabetes, they may need to follow a special diet to control high blood pressure or other health problems. Instead of covering a cake with frosting, which is high in fat, sugar and calories, top an plain cake with fresh fruit. Wait until just before serving to decorate to prevent the cake from becoming soggy due to the fruit juices. Garnish the cake with a swirl of canned whipped cream and a sprig of mint.

Family Tree Cupcakes

Serve cupcakes, instead of cake, arranged to reflect the birthday recipient's family tree. Draw or paint a tree onto a large piece of poster board or a white tablecloth to act as the serving platter for the cupcakes. Tint frosting to the appropriate skin colours and frost each cupcakes. Add eyes, nose and mouth to each cupcake using assorted candies. Pipe on glasses and hair to make each cupcake resemble a specific family member. Do not worry about creating intricate features, hair colour and any glasses or facial hair will make the cupcakes recognisable to other family members. Arrange the finished cupcakes on the tree just before serving.

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