School cleaning checklist

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Schools require maintenance to keep them safe and clean for students and staff members. Part of a school's cleanliness includes having a schedule; a school's cleaning schedule lets you know which areas have been neglected and require attention. When cleaning your school, make sure you follow procedures and use the correct cleaning solutions.

School Administration Offices

A school cleaning checklist includes administration offices such as the principal's. Use a microfiber dust cloth to dust educational materials, such as books. Remember to disinfect the telephone; this can be done daily in situations in which more than one person shares the telephone. Make sure you empty wastebaskets, vacuum each room's carpeting and sweep hardwood floors daily.

School Gyms

Teachers and schoolchildren use the gym for physical education classes or after-school team sports. This area can be filled with germs and requires daily cleaning, including emptying any wastebaskets and sweeping the gym floor. Weekly cleaning can involve using a machine to wash and polish the floor. Remember to check the walls for spills.

School Hallways

The school hallways are explored by school personnel, students, school vendors and guests. Daily cleaning activities involve vacuuming carpets, wiping windows and mopping the floors. Your checklist can include two weekly cleaning activities. One weekly activity is polishing the school hallways; another activity includes wiping inside display cases, such as those containing school awards.

School Classrooms

Teachers and students spend a fair amount of time in classrooms. Some daily cleaning activities include trash removal, dusting and vacuuming the rugs. If the room has a class pet, make sure to clean around the cage. Weekly cleaning can include the teacher's chalkboard and the windows. Clean up spills found on the carpets quickly to avoid further problems.

School Bathrooms

The bathrooms require not only cleaning but disinfecting; this helps reduce mildew and mould, which can cause health problems. Part of a cleaning and disinfecting schedule involves toilet bowls, bathroom sinks and floors. Some schools require cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day. Check the bathroom to make sure there is tissue and soap.

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