Nursery school sports day theme ideas

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Set up a sports day-themed event for your nursery. Choose events that all of the children can participate in and that emphasise team spirit over competition. Also look for sports activities that are safe and age-appropriate when you are choosing the materials for the games.

At the end of the day, hand out small paper medals or ribbons to each student as recognition for their hard work.

Olympic theme

Inspire team spirit and country pride with an Olympic theme. Use the day to highlight a variety of sports, the difference in medal colours or the carrying of the torch. Group the children into small groups representing different "countries" and have them march in time to the music as they enter the classroom arena or set up a short relay race where the children run several yards and then hand off a balloon to another child to complete the course. End the day with a closing ceremony.

Cricket theme

Take advantage of the Ashes or a major cricket tournament to provide a topical sports day theme. Teach teamwork by having the children pass the ball back and forth and attempt to hit it with a bat. Reinforce hand-eye coordination by directing each child to throw a tennis ball (substituting for the heavier cricket ball) and see if any can manage to throw over-arm. Host a small ceremony at the end of the day and present ribbons to all of the students.

Boot camp

Highlight patriotism and the troops overseas as you set up a boot camp military. Showcase the activities learnt in boot camp, such as synchronised movement, dexterity of motion and individual physical conditioning. Bring the children through their own mini-boot camp by setting up an obstacle course on the playground. Include activities such as callisthenics where they bend down and touch their toes, twist their bodies from side to side or stretch tall and reach for the sky. Finish the day by having the children each draw a picture to send to an overseas soldier.

Dance theme

Celebrate International Dance Day or tie in with the current season of Strictly Come Dancing with a dance theme. Discuss dance as a universal means of creative expression as you show your students different cultural dances. Teach them to interact socially and follow directions as they learn to square dance or highlight the illustrative portion of dance by showing them the hula and the interpretive motions of the hands. Have the children place their hands on their hips and kick their legs out in a lively Irish step dance. Complete the lesson plan by having each child describe their favourite dance.