The Best Pillows for an Arthritic Neck

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Poor neck posture often causes an arthritic neck, resulting in regressing joints in the neck. How a person holds his head from day to day can cause poor neck posture, as can the pillow he uses.

Poor neck support from pillows can not only cause a stiff, sore neck and arthritis over time, but it can also interfere with sleeping due to headaches and snoring. Fortunately, several types of neck pillows can help with an arthritic neck.

Posture Pillow

Doctors recommend the posture pillow, or PostureMed pillow, for arthritic necks and other types of neck pain. Made from a substantially high quality foam, the pillow properly supports your neck and spine by conforming to your specific head and neck features. The posture pillow contours to your spine to allow for immediate and effective posturing during sleep. The pillow comes with a support base.

Neck Arthritis Pillow

The neck arthritis pillow is designed specifically for arthritis pain. The pillow has a soft, recessed middle section that helps relieve neck spasms, restore proper neck posture and relieve neck pain. The middle section, made of soft fibre and foam, conforms to the shape of the neck and the back of the head to properly support them during sleep. The firm ends of each side of the pillow help keep the neck in place and helps prevent blockage of the airways, which can result in snoring.

Chiropractic Pillow

The chiropractic pillow follows many other arthritic pillow models with its memory, therapeutic foam design. In addition to the memory foam, the chiropractic model has a soft fibre centre and four support sections at each end. While you sleep, the chiropractic pillow creates a soft traction against the base of your head and neck to ultimately correct the alignment of your neck and spine.

Orthopaedic Pillow

The orthopaedic pillow is an effective pillow to decrease arthritic pain in the neck because it works to support not only the neck and head, but also the back. The orthopaedic pillow is effective and efficient for side-sleepers as well. The pillow has three integral sections for comfort: the memory foam surface, the foam base and the therapeutic foam neck support roll. The therapeutic and memory foam materials create a soft pillow for maximum comfort and pain relief.