Pet Egg Games That Hatch Animals

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Many computer games are available for players of all ages and skill levels. One of the more simpler games are pet egg games that hatch animals. These are safe and family-friendly games. In addition to simply hatching a virtual pet from a virtual egg, some games provide players with activities they can do with their online pet. Most of these games are free, but do require players to open a free account.


Rescreatu is a computer game in which you start out hunting for eggs on four planets. When you find an egg, it will hatch to reveal a Creatur, which is the new virtual pet that you must care for, raise and train. Rescreatu is a community in which all player's pets can interact with each other as they go on an adventure through an unpredictable online universe. Rescreatu also has a forum, chat room and blogs.

Amju Pet Zoo

In Amju Pet Zoo, which can be downloaded for free, you find eggs and hatch them. You must feed your new pets so they will grow up and lay eggs of their own. You must protect your pets from the dinosaurs. You can visit the Pet Zoo to buy and sell items, collect hearts to unlock new areas of the game and get more items.

Nessy GamesPlayer for Mac 1.1

Nessy GamesPlayer for Mac 1.1 is an interactive game that can be downloaded for free to Mac computers. In Nessy GamesPlayer you explore the land of Ness, which is filled with magic. You must hatch the mystery egg and grow a pet monster. Then you are led through structured spelling and reading games with the ability to record your own words or select words from a pre-recorded list. The final reward of the game will be some secret words, which will allow you to keep and command a Nessy pet on your computer.

Dragon Cave

Dragon Cave is an online egg hatching game where you find dragon eggs, place them onto a website or in a forum signature line and ask for people to click on the eggs. These eggs must hatch within seven days, and then the hatchlings have another seven more days to get more clicks in order to mature. You can have only four eggs or four hatchlings at a time. You then breed the mature dragons and start the process over again.

Mystery Egg

Mystery Egg is a free virtual pet adoption game that allows you to collect an egg from a website and place it onto a forum signature or a website. There is only a choice of three pets at any given time. These eggs are controlled by time, so they will hatch on a certain date, no matter how many people click on them. After the eggs have hatched, you have five days to download the image to your own computer before it is deleted. The codes for these eggs are in BBCode, which is a type of programming language used for message boards and forums. To place your egg on a website, it would need to be amended to HTML.


Unicreatures is a pet egg game with higher-quality imagery than most other egg games that hatch animals. First, you choose a pet from the starter page. When people click on the egg, or the pet, it is considered a visit and you gains points and will go up to higher levels in the game. Besides collecting pets, you can also go on missions with your virtual pets.

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