Hanger Mobile Ideas for Kids

baby plymobile in crib image by jedphoto from Fotolia.com

Though hanger mobiles are typically used above infant's cribs, they can also be used for older kids to add decoration to their rooms. Any theme or design style can be used. Just be sure to seek the input of your kids before you start crafting to make sure the mobile you have in mind is a good fit.

The Family Tree

To make a family tree mobile, you will need pictures of immediate family members. Pick someone to be at the top of the mobile. This photo should be decorated and backed with a coloured card stock. Have the parents of the child attached to strings that are attached to the first photo. Then attach their parents and so on. As the branches grow, so will the mobile. If it becomes too large, a few hangers may be required.

Solar System Mobile

Some of the best mobile projects are the ones you can learn from, and making a solar system mobile is a fun and educational project. Start with a large hanger for your support. Paint various sized styrofoam balls to look like the sun and planets. Glue the balls to different lengths of string. Tie the sun in the middle, then work your way out to both edges of the hanger.

Zoo Mobile

Start with drawing out or having your kids draw different zoo animals on card paper. Cut the animals out and colour them according to how they look in real life or any fun way the kids want. Glue string to the backs of the zoo animals and tie to a hanger

Space Adventure

Have the kids draw a space ship that they would use when they go on a space adventure on card stock paper. Let them colour the ship in with funky colours and designs. Ask them to draw the first planet they will explore. Let them choose one from our solar system or make one up on their own. Now ask them to draw the first space monster they will have to escape from. Suggest different ideas like space slugs, space squids or moon monsters. Ask them to draw different stars and asteroids they might encounter. They will need to draw two or three. Cut out the different drawings, then glue strings to the backs. Tie the loose strings to the mobile hanger and hang from the ceiling. The kids can then tell the story of their first space adventure as they point out the different parts of the mobile.

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